Jakaria Shahid

Managing Director

Every business needs people for stability and smooth operation, whose presence inspires everyone and provides the guidance to reach their goal. Mr. Jakaria Shahid is one of those people who is like the captain of the ship, maintaining the smooth business operation of the group. He has more than 22 years of illustrious career through which he has contributed in shaping organizations. As a financial expert, he brought a stable high growth in each and every business under the group. 


He did his MBA in Accounting. He started his career with SIEMENS Bangladesh Ltd. where he was the General Manager of Industry & Consumer Products Division. Mr. Jakaria Shahid worked there for more than 10 years and left SIEMENS to start his own venture.With his direct guidance, the EDISON Group had successfully reached its target and is continuing to do so. 


His personnel management system and efficient coordination policy is helping the group grow smoothly. He is a people-oriented leader with experience, skills and calmness to get the best out of his people for the overall improvement of the group as well as for the people of the organization.