What We Do

We manufacture Distribution & Power Transformers ranging from 50 KVA to 160 MVA 220 kV class, Furnace Transformers, Dry Type Transformers and various types of Special Application Transformers.

Edison Marsons Limited formed a joint venture in Bangladesh with Marsons, India for capacity building in power sector, who engaged in manufacturing, supplying, erecting, testing and commissioning of Power Transformers, Distribution Transformers and MV & LV Switchgear panels with incredible distinction.

Edison Marsons is the only Electrical Engineering Company in Bangladesh which gives reliable customer support through sophisticated products and services from low voltage of 440V to Medium Voltage of 33 kV to high voltage. The combination of engineering expertise of our teams are versatile and is considered to be one of the best in the Power Sectors.

Our main unit located in Ashulia, Aukpara Dailry Farm & our partner Marsons Ltd Factory is located at Kolkata which is spread over an area of 4,00,000 square feet.

Distribution Transformers

Edison Marsons manufactures a wide range of distribution transformers ranging from 100 KVA to 3150 KVA with all voltage class and up to 33 KV with single and three phase Transformers. These transformers can be free breathing, fitted with a conservator or hermetically sealed.


The high quality Standard setup by the company are appreciated by our customers in India and Abroad, Standards which are applied to development, manufacturing, installing and commissioning of power transformers for power stations, special purpose transformers for industry fields, reactors and accessories. Our two manufacturing facilities are based in Kolkata. Power transformers up to 160 MVA 220 kV Class are regularly manufactured and supplied.