In today’s ‘always on’ modern world, Edison Power keeps you in touch with real-time information about your power systems wherever you are, whenever you need it. Accessed via your work station, tablet or smart phone via a user-friendly interface, check your system status, identify faults, and access critical notifications, reducing your operation and maintenance costs by using Remote monitoring system.

Edison Power Service team is able to provide installation of the equipment as well as ongoing monitoring support.

Remote monitoring system helps you avoid the most common generator failures:

1. 24/7 monitoring

2. Multi-location management

3. On-the-go access and visibility

4. Real-time notifications

5. Remote service and calibration

6. Remote asset control

7. Check fuel levels

8. Check oil levels & pressure

9. Check battery status

10. Check water temperature

11. Generator runtime, current and generated power output

12. Generates alarms to designated Technical Staff

13. Low batteries

14. Battery charger failures

15. Shut-down alarms due to low coolant levels, leaks, etc.

16. Automatic transfer switch failure